Dragon’s Vineyard opens tasting room

By Edie Moro Reprinted with permission by the Tribune News Publisher Pam Petersdorf Published May 28, 2020 When Dragon’s Vineyard and Wine Company owner and winemaker Trudy Salerno finally received the tasting room’s OLCC license on Friday, May 15, she announced to her [...]

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day Memories Trudy, Pete, and friends remember their time in the military. Trudy remembers the Yazidi & the Peshmurga people Remembering Ken Leisten [...]

Pete on Gophers

Pete discusses gophers Gophers can destroy a grape vine in a few minutes, a chunk of vineyard in a few weeks. They are a constant source of pain for those who farm grapes. In this video, Pete gives his candid opinion [...]

The Tour

Dragon's Tasting Room Tour with Pete Salerno May 6, 2020 - we can't open the tasting room because of the Coveid-D crisis, but we can show you the results of our hard work. We are so excited to share the carved [...]

Corona Edition Newsletter – April 21, 2020

My fellow Colleagues, Correspondents, and Countrymen; In literary circles irony is often called The English Disease and your author is quite fond of it. He is fond of many things British: Monty Python, hella-quick little two-seater cars, and Stilton cheese being among them. And P.G. Wodehouse. [...]

Spring 2020 Newsletter

To all our Friends, Comrades, and Countrymen; These are certainly trying times to live in. The corona virus has upended life in these, our wondrous United States, as we know it and no one knows for how long. While the emergency hasn’t had an effect on [...]

Fall 2018 Newsletter

The grapes are picked, the wine is in the barrel, and the vineyard is put to bed. And so ends another vintage at Dragon’s Vineyard and Wine Company. It is time for, after such a frenetic month, a good rest. We picked three times this year. [...]

June & July Newsletter

Could there be any location on this disreputable orb as lush, as verdant, as compellingly beautiful as the Willamette valley in June? I don’t think so and I get around. In the last newsletter we talked about ending out March with pruning and tie downs and [...]

Vineyard Views

Some photos from my vineyard - Trudy Beautiful winter rainbow 2018. Oregon has lots of rain but rainbows make it all worthwhile. A late spring view of the crimson clover cover [...]