Dragon’s Lair
Pinot Noir 2021



Dragon’s Lair is a full bodied Pinot Noir, balanced with bright acidity and hints of blackberry and warm spice.


Crystal Dragon
Chardonnay 2019

Crystal Dragon Rogue Valley Chardonnay


This fresh, vibrant Oregon Chardonnay displays mild floral and herbal notes with a hint of lemon and a subtle minerality. It is lively, full-bodied, and moderately oaked.


Dragon’s Kiss
Rosé of Pinot Noir 2021

Dragon's Lair Rosé of Pinot Noir 2018


New release, our most delicious Rosé yet. Bright elegant and fruity. It is fermented to dry with notes of strawberry and kiwi.


Sweet Dragon
Riesling 2022




This semi-sweet Riesling opens with a lovely aromatic floral bouquet followed by a kiss of sweetness combined with the fruitiness of apple and pear balanced with refreshing acidity.