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DVQ Fall 2023

Here it is, the tail end of summer. We had a pretty good one and hope you did as well. As far as ourselves go, we did some traveling to see old friends and family, mostly to the beating heart of America, the Great Midwest. Ohio and Wisconsin to be exact. It’s hard to go wrong reconnecting with family and friends, especially after a long period of absence from each other. Our big moment, however, came on the 17th of June when our son Devon graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This is a relatively new field, with the degree coming from the relatively new College of Oceans and Atmosphere. It has been a long haul. What that kid had to put up with. If it wasn’t the mind-numbing distance [...]

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DVQ Spring 2023

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this winter to be over. The older I get, the longer they seem to last. But just as night follows the day, spring will erupt in all its exuberant boisterousness, and soon. The signs are there. The irrepressible daffodils bravely rear their golden manes under the fir trees, the buzz of the hummingbirds make their triumphant return, and even to the un-trained eye it is readily apparent that the patio, after a winter of neglect, is in dire need of a pressure washing. Chores. That’s what the end of winter means. Tasks all with the intended purpose of making you, our wonderful customers, feel comfortable, safe, and welcome, but chores nonetheless. Outside if an occasional (if I’m honest, almost nightly) foray into the tasting room [...]

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DVQ Winter 2022

DVQ, Winter 2022 Ah, the holidays. The frenetic span of days between the moribund gluttony of Thanksgiving and the spastic shopping of Christmas is always a magical time. Too much food, too much wine and definitely too much family. I’m just kidding about that last bit. We had Thanksgiving at the cousin’s house and it was wonderful. Holiday venue selection is a blood-sport in this family; we dodged Thanksgiving, but apparently there is no way we can avert having everyone for Christmas. It is, after all, our turn as all our female relatives have reminded us with presentations, charts, and threats of violence should they detect the least prevarication. At the farm it’s the end of another season. The homestead is buttoned up for winter, the machinery stowed, and awaiting maintenance. The ponies grow hairy, [...]

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Fall 2018 Newsletter

The grapes are picked, the wine is in the barrel, and the vineyard is put to bed. And so ends another vintage at Dragon’s Vineyard and Wine Company. It is time for, after such a frenetic month, a good rest. We picked three times this year. The first was in the middle of September for the famous Dragon’s Kiss Rose` and twice in October: once for our award winning Dragon’s Lair Pinot Noir and a second time for a brand new venture. There will be more coming on that at a later date. For the first two picks we hired a professional crew who came and picked in a most efficient and proficient manner; they actually ran up and down the rows. It was fairly exhausting just watching them. But run they did, in good humor and chatting in a friendly manner between [...]

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June & July Newsletter

Could there be any location on this disreputable orb as lush, as verdant, as compellingly beautiful as the Willamette valley in June? I don’t think so and I get around. In the last newsletter we talked about ending out March with pruning and tie downs and the chores April and May would bring. This year bud break started around the 10th of April and was complete by the 24th. The month of May, the entire month, found us shoot-thinning. The painter JMW Turner exclaimed, “The Sun is God!” immediately before expiring. Spring in the vineyard could lead one to agree with him. The voluminous vegetation vigorously vies vertically in its voyage to that veritable Vesuvius viewed by one and all: The Sun. This is probably a good place for some disclosure. Your correspondent is an absolute sucker for alliteration. I surmise that some [...]

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Vineyard Views

Some photos from my vineyard - Trudy Beautiful winter rainbow 2018. Oregon has lots of rain but rainbows make it all worthwhile. A late spring view of the crimson clover cover crop. Beautiful but also providing some additional nitrogen to feed the vines. Late summer view from the patio looking up towards the vineyard Getting ready for fall harvest 2017. Thank you Jerry's for the perfect buckets.

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Dragon’s Vineyard has a new website!

Welcome to my new website! Watch here for more news about our vineyard and our wines. - Vineyard manager and owner, Trudy Salerno

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