DVQ, Winter 2022

Ah, the holidays. The frenetic span of days between the moribund gluttony of Thanksgiving and the spastic shopping of Christmas is always a magical time. Too much food, too much wine and definitely too much family. I’m just kidding about that last bit. We had Thanksgiving at the cousin’s house and it was wonderful. Holiday venue selection is a blood-sport in this family; we dodged Thanksgiving, but apparently there is no way we can avert having everyone for Christmas. It is, after all, our turn as all our female relatives have reminded us with presentations, charts, and threats of violence should they detect the least prevarication.

At the farm it’s the end of another season. The homestead is buttoned up for winter, the machinery stowed, and awaiting maintenance. The ponies grow hairy, Teagen becomes more adamant about staying in the house no matter what the chore to be performed, and the falling leaves remind one that the annual pruning is coming due. The rains have started. The hill that the Broadley’s have their vineyard on is visible from where I sit writing this and it is shrouded in a fine mist that puts all in a soft focus. The lowering dove gray sky could be considered either an autumnal coziness or wintery suppression. Both are very good excuses for adding just the tiniest dollop of bourbon to your morning coffee. You can do that this time of year free from judgement. Those are the winter rules.

As I’ve written about before, the vineyard has proved to be an immense amount of physical labor. There are so many elements to battle, the weather, bugs, birds, gophers and disease. Then there is the day-to-day business of mowing, tilling, vine thinning, moving catch wires, leaf plucking and the ever vigilant spraying. Dragon Six’s hobby vineyard became a full time labor of love with overtime.

All of our customers are the brightest, most astute, and cognizant of humans. I do not wish to insult anyone’s intelligence, but I really should address this now; if you’ve not noticed, there is a significant portion of the vineyard missing. The reason for that is that Dragon Six has made the decision to actually, really, truly retire. So she made the decision to pull the vineyard and get out of the business. The long rows came out last spring and the short ones will come out this spring coming up. The land is being turned over too much needed horse pasture. Dragon Six is making plans to do all of the things she enjoys doing, as she says, “Before I need a walker”. Her plan is to travel, spend more time with family and friends, hike, camp and frolic on the beach.

Contrary to some rumors that have been flying about (and that is my fault; I should have been out in front of this a while back), we will keep the tasting room open through next year to sell off our inventory (which will translate into some smoking hot deals) and we still plan on having events such as having the incomparable Jamila Maries come out to sing for us as well as other performers.

And as for the Khaleesi Club members, there’s no reason to clutch your pearls quite yet. While we won’t be accepting any new members to the club, those that are current members will still keep their current benefits with even more deals to come. No matter what happens we will keep you posted about what we intend to accomplish in the upcoming year.

This being the last newsletter of 2022 I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful women that we are fortunate to work alongside with. I am talking about the redoubtable Jean Yates, our marketer, and the ever-amazing Erin Murphy. This business only exists because of their help. Erin will be back next year to make sure that the tasting room is run with decorum and at least one person who knows what she’s actually talking about and Jean will continue to execute her sterling work guiding us about the internet.

But before we hash out all these weighty decisions, we are going to take some time off and give everyone a chance to recharge a little bit. We will enjoy the holidays with our family, as I’m sure you will, and then get the heck out of Dodge and do a little traveling. Herself will play with her ponies and as for me the Special Military Operation against the occupying Gopher Army will continue unabated and without mercy. And I really should put a clean edge on my pruning hook.

As this year comes to end, all of us at Dragon’s Vineyard would like to express our many thanks for the support and friendship of our valued customers. We hope to see all of you in 2023.

All our best to you and yours.