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Corona Edition Newsletter – April 21, 2020

My fellow Colleagues, Correspondents, and Countrymen; In literary circles irony is often called The English Disease and your author is quite fond of it. He is fond of many things British: Monty Python, hella-quick little two-seater cars, and Stilton cheese being among them. And P.G. Wodehouse. It simply would not do to describe my love of the English and not include Mr. Wodehouse. And so the irony of this past Wednesday did not escape me. On that day the omnipotent building inspector for Benton County came to the farm and gave the tasting room its final blessing. So a morning that should have been noted for its David Niven-esque convivial jocularity at achieving such a goal turned into a rueful Claude Rains-esque half-smile and arched eyebrow at the realization that we don’t know when we’re going to be able to open. “As flies [...]

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

To all our Friends, Comrades, and Countrymen; These are certainly trying times to live in. The corona virus has upended life in these, our wondrous United States, as we know it and no one knows for how long. While the emergency hasn’t had an effect on the vineyard proper it obviously will have an impact on the opening of our tasting room. We have not, as of yet, decided to cancel the 9th of May opening, but one should probably assume that we will have to at least postpone it to later in the summer. We will abide by all the recommendations provided by the Center for Disease Control, not just for our safety (we are admittedly old), but that of our customers as well. There is nothing that could be more important to us than that. It is hard, on such a [...]

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